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Leading manufacturers and suppliers since 1979 of bolts, nuts, wood screws, machine screws, self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, eye bolts, hook bolts, weld studs, rivets and specials as per customers requests in the range of 2mm to 75mm diameter



Other Products

Battery Bolt

American Wafer

Castor Pins
Csk Head Square Neck Bolt Chipboard Screws Cross Dowels
Csk Head with Nibs Bolt

Cheese Head Machine Screws

Expansion Bolts

Cup Square Bolts

Csk Machine Screws

Grub Screws

Eye Bolt

Csk Self Tapping Screw

Hanger Bolts

Gutter Bolt

Coach Screws

Inter Screw

Hexagon Head Bolts

Drywall Screws Leveling Screws

Hexagon Head Set Screw

Furniture Screws


Hexagon Socket Cap Screw

Hex Self Drilling Screw

Nail In Anchors

Hook Bolts

Hex Roofing Screws

Nylon Wall Plugs

U Clamp Bolts

Pan Head Self Tapping Screw

Parallel Cut Off Pin

Wheel Bolts

Turbo Screws

Plug Pins

Wafer Head Self Drilling

Weld Stud

Window Screws Hex Handle

Window Screws Round Head




Hexagon Nut

Blind Rivets Bonded Washer

Square Pressed Nut

Semi Tubular Rivet

Flat Washers

Square Weld Nut

Solid Rivets Cup Head

Spring Washers

Wing Nut

Solid Rivets Countersunk

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